• 108 Pilgrim
108 Pilgrim is a rock'n'roll band that was formed in New Delhi in the year 2013. The band writes songs that combine deeply personal lyrics and narrative story-telling and music borne out of many jams and happy accidents, with a distinct emphasis on groove. They actively endorse the idea of DIY and collaboration and see their effort as being more than the music itself.
Their influences range from new-wave to post-punk to alternative rock and can straddle their boundaries without falling into any single genre.
They released their first EP Saturnalia in 2015 and went on to play many shows across Delhi, as headlining acts for colleges like SPA and CEPT and festivals like The Ziro Festival, Street Art Festival, North East Festival and the Indie Art Week amongst others.
TIME AND AGAIN can be described as a record of their personal experiences in New Delhi as they tried to find their place in it. It was recorded in multiple sessions through 2015-2018. Three of the songs were part of a previous compilation called Saturnalia and the rest were recorded with the kindness of Girjashankar Vohra in Depot Records, New Delhi.
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