• Anisha

Singer-songwriter and pianist, Anisha started composing songs when she returned home to India in 2014. As she reignited old friendships and redefined her memories, she also wrote of these experiences in poetry and subtly expressed them in her interpretations of Western classical pieces.


The first time she unintentionally put together music and poetry was on a Sunday afternoon, when she was alone at home. She repeated the melody and played the piano riffs over and over to herself, mesmerized. Songwriting gave her a release that no amount of journalling or conversation ever had. She wrote about the mistakes she made, the mistakes she was afraid of making and of all the people around her too afraid to make mistakes. 


Anisha's long-awaited 12 track debut album features "You Don't Know", "Baby Steps" and "Thunderstruck"- powerful songs that have established her career as a performing artist. 


by Anisha

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