• Anuj Dimri
The young, talented multi-instrumentalist Anuj Dimri hailing from a regimented army background went against
all odds to pursue Music as his weapon. He modestly admits that his Voice is his forte, excelling in wide ambit
of genres from Pop, Blues, Folk and Jazz.
At a young age of 6, Anuj was acquainted with the Stage & since then there has been no looking back for him.
His passion for music led him to take up Hindustani Classical lessons at the Army Public School, Delhi. By the
age of 15 he picked up the guitar which became his inseparable companion. This combined with his vocal
talent created a potent mix and gave him a unique stage identity.
Anuj holds a Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmadabad and
unexpectedly, this laid the perfect foundation for his future endeavour in the world of Music. Anuj became an
inevitable face at college events. It was a natural progression that he started representing his College and
University in competitions at State levels and won innumerable accolades.
During his college days, he was selected amongst many from Gujarat for X-Factor India by Sony TV. Aside of all,
Anuj has sung over several as jingles and corporate anthems.
Anuj, then, being the front man for various bands experimenting in Pop, Alternative Rock and Fusion
strengthened his friendship with a group of Nagaland collegians that lent a northern and eastern mountain
folk flavour to his music, which connected him back to Uttrakhand, where he was born.
After completing Engineering he decided to study music from India’s most esteemed music institute, KM
College of Music and Technology, Chennai, founded by Dr A.R Rahman and is currently doing a diploma in
Music studies and learning Western & Hindustani Classical music. He is also associated with the NGO called
AKSHYAPATRA as a performing artist.
Aside of his Student Avatar, Anuj performs Commercial events and Corporate gigs where he gives a taste of his
music to the Business Class.
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