• Anushka
Anushka is one of India's leading fashion and beauty photographers who has always been deeply rooted within the music scene. 
With a number of key shows under her belt - including opening for ARCA at the Gucci WOM Night, informal sets on the Cheeky Iguana at the Burning Man Festival and playing top festivals across India - she likes to take her audience on a musical journey based on her current inspirations. 
She stepped into the world of music production in 2019 with the release of Falling which was released on all digital platforms, along with a music video featuring herself broadcasted by VH1 India. After Falling she released Falling (Bønehead Remix) and her second single Take, Co-Produced by Sid Vashi which premiered on Red Bull Premieres, with a music video which was also broadcasted on Vh1 India. Her most recent release is the ‘Take (Remix) EP featuring remixes of her original track ‘Take’ by artists EZ Riser, Tapan Raj & Func. 
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