• Bajje Squad
Mumbai-Based Producer-DJ super-duo, Mark Fulgado & Pratik Dhongdi are known for their air-punching, dancefloor-dismantling music under the nom de plume BAJJE SQUAD.
Together Mark & Pratik form a dominating musical force with a diverse set off skills. They produce, mix & master their own records, make their own music videos & create their own digital art enabling them to build an independent, self-sustained unique Identity, away from status quo, in favor of game-changing creationism.
Their debut EP “A Journey Full of Emotions” was well received and featured on Youtube India’s New Years Eve recommendations. Their follow up singles W.O.K.E & EVERYTHING picked up regular rotation on Vh1 India and helped them gain exposure.
BAJJE SQUAD have performed their DJ sets all over India at popular dance music events including The Lost Party, CTRL ALT DANCE, MTV Bloc Party, Freedom Blast, Goa Fest, Kitty Su & Playboy Club.
Following a brief hiatus, the duo will be issuing back to back singles in the next few months, drawing sonic concepts from all corners of the electronic landscape & looking to represent Indian produced dance music.
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