• Balalaika

Balalaika is 6 piece Experimental Progressive Rock Band based in Pune, India.


It`s been 8 long years band is in independent music scene and performing across India.


We are all set to release a debut single "Zindagi" followed by a debut album "Pehchan" in the coming year.


This album will be amalgamation of genre like Progressive Rock, Experimental and Post Rock with Hindi Lyrics. Whole album talks about way forward approach to life and finding yourself and your identity.


Band Members-


1. Aaalap Shrivastava- Guitars, Balalaika, Midi Keys & Backing Vocals

2. Karthik Iyer- Guitar & Backing Vocals

3. Swapnil Dhawale- Drums / Percussion

4. Amit More- Bass

5. Krunal Parekh- Vocal

6. Shyam- Vocal

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