• DefGiant

DefGiant is a studio based experimental rock project from Mumbai formed by Reinhardt Dias (Guitarist/Producer) and Varun Sood (Drummer). The project aims to venture into collaborations with various contemporary indie artist and release tasteful music for its listeners. Alternatively, DefGiant Productions is a home studio operated music production project run by Reinhardt Dias to produce, record, mix and master music made by indie artist.

DefGiant released their debut EP "In another World" in April 2020. The EP “In Another World” features a diverse range of collaborations of home grown indie artist. These include the likes of intense rap artist Tienas, the modern jazz influenced indie pop songwriter Shubhangi Joshi & the energetic and versatile rap/rock powerhouse Pratika. The EP also draws a bonus from bass duties being performed by Roop Thomas from pop sensation Arunaja and hip-hop poetry outfit Chabuk , Sourya Mukherjee of Blakc and avant garde rockers Daira and Shawn Phulpagar from the old school extreme metalheads Atmosfear and long-time metallers SystemHouse 33.

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