• Friends of Linger

Friends of Linger is a band that brings together several singers and musicians onto one stage to create great music with a sense of joy, fun and purpose. We are not stuck with any single genre but the influence of rock, blues and jazz can be felt in all we create in a studio. When on stage, we pick what sounds great for a night’s set list. We are many people and the mix of who gets on stage or who is in the studio, is material to only what we create. Hence, we have a logo for our band. 


Our story began over a round of drinks at a South Delhi Karaoke lounge where our pal, Deepak Sharma, hosted a karaoke night. On one such slightly drunken night, I asked the 'gang' why not perform live with some 'real' music playing? That led me to the amazing Adhir who agreed to get some of the coolest musicians together. He, himself, is a highly respected guitarist, session artist, composer and teacher. 


This led us to our first performance at Delhi's Hard Rock Cafe. On December 19, 2013, we did our first gig and played Head Held High, what was to become a hit (HT City). The song was composed by Smiti Malik (lead vocals) and Adhir Ghosh, penned by myself with a dash of a chorus by Devyani Shankar and I. The video came months later on March 13 and received a very warm welcome from the media and critics. 


Miss You is just our second single and is part of a journey that will see us unfold many more of our own tracks. The credits for this track are: 


Music: Adhir Ghosh, Smiti Malik, Sharif D Rangnekar

Lyrics: Sharif D Rangnekar

Voice: Sharif D Rangnekar

Backing Vocals: Smiti Malik

Keyboards: Rythem Bansal

Guitar: Adhir Ghosh

Bass: Steve Peter

Drums: Siddharth Jain

Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Siddharth Jain


We have performed in Delhi and Gurgaon on several occasions and have been lucky to have a good turnout always and the backing of brilliant musicians such as Aveleon Giles VazShiv AhujaSteve PeterRohit GuptaSiddharth Jain and of course, Adhir Ghosh. We have also had the guidance of Robin Mathew - an amazing singer and teacher himself - for every gig we have done. Smiti Malik has also been on stage with us.


Sure, we have evolved since our first gig. We have an album in the making and plans to perform as often as we can. Yet, we have not lost our sense of flexibility that allows us to have a varying mix of singers on stage, a different set in the studio and a grand line up of musicians. So while we have had the likes of Craig Cranenburgh, Sophie Jane Allen and Varun Kapoor at some of our earlier gigs, you will see a different mix including singers such as Allen Robertson Darkville.


The ‘I’ in this narration is the Linger or the #*!@-head as some may say. And I sign off as that. Many know me as Sharif D Rangnekar

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