Guitar hero, electronic producer, dub pioneer, graphic artist; Randolph Correia has a long line of credits to his name, but the genre-bending niche he has carved remains his most iconic achievement. As Func, the guitarist and producer has dabbled in genres ranging from glitch & funk to dub, alternative rock & drum and bass, while all his live shows take place exclusively under his moniker Func Live. His beginnings in art school in Bombay taught him to keep an open mind from the get-go, as a result of which FUNC has evolved into a creative powerhouse with a diverse palette of genres and sounds.
Pentagram was no doubt a revolution in independent Indian music; starting off as their guitarist and producer over two decades ago, Randolph has produced hits like ‘Voice’, ‘Tomorrow’s Decided’ and ‘Nocturne’ for the band. They made history as the first Indian outfit to be invited to perform at Glastonbury Festival in 2005, along with the likes of Chemical Brothers, Tori Amos and Fatboy Slim.
Shaa’ir + Func, formed with Monica Dogra in 2005, is another musical phenomenon with Randolph on guitar/production duties. Their East-meets-West electronic music laden with glitch and funk — coupled with their explosive performances and head-turning get-ups — had them shooting to wild popularity, becoming a gateway band into the Indian indie gig scene for scores of fans. For S+F, Randolph has produced favourites like ‘My Roots’, ‘Every Time You’re Around’ and ‘Together Again’.
His experimentation with genres has never relented over the years; in 1999, he was a part of Bombay Black, a collective that challenged genre typecasting by dabbling in everything radical, from post-rock to punk to drum and bass. Check out their new album ‘Bombay Black Hole’ here and video for ‘Boing Boing’ here.
2003 had him forming FUNCInternational, a solo moniker to best reflect him musically, through which he has released 3 albums including ‘Dubba’ and ‘Mushroom Maratha’, bringing dub to Indian shores for the first time. He also performs as FUNC live, his moniker for his live gigs.
Randolph was one of the heavyweights to kick off WOBBLE! nights at Bonobo, Bandra — Bombay’s premier bass-heavy night, where the freshest sounds ranging from hip hop to glitch house, dubstep, drumstep and drum’n’bass were to be found.
He’s also composed music for television channels such as Star, Disney, AXN, MTV & Channel [V] as well as for notable brands including Nokia, Sony & Levi’s, and has recently extended his music production to Bollywood, working on films such as Byomkesh Bakshi, Don & Honeymoon Travels. Having remixed for various artists in film and television, few know that as a graphic artist, Randolph has also exhibited his works at Jehangir Art Gallery, Birla Art Gallery, Bajaj Hall & Art Gallery in Mumbai.
As a performer, Randolph has performed at festivals across the world such as Big Chill Festival (UK), Oya Festival (Norway), C/O Pop (Germany), Melkweg (Amsterdam), Sakifo Music Festival (Reunion Island), Knitting Factory (New York) & NH7 (India).
Living and working out of Bombay, Func is currently collaborating on an album with international artist Rodney Branigan & Rais Khan, and is also setting up his own label.


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