• Five of castles

Five of castles™ (FOC) is Mumbai based instrumental progressive rock band formed in 2011. 


Band’s music is predominantly progressive rock genre. Although the band does not believe in restricting themselves into barrier of sticking to one genre and hence all the tracks of band touch gently into other genres like modern djent metal, post-rock, etc. Band take a lot of influence from international bands like Periphery, contortionist, tesseract, Explosions in the sky, etc. including some of the indie bands from India like Aswekeepsearching , Pangea. 
One of the bands USP is indulging into unique style of writing and composing which gives them an edge for their novelty. The off-time signature, catchy guitar riffs, melodic lead guitars, groovy drum patterns, and sudden changes in tracks, heavy as well as mellow parts etc. marks the musicality of the band. Band believes in giving an overall live experience to the audience, giving out genuine music which touches and appeals to each and everyone’s perspective of listening to music. We believe our music can make someone jump, head bang, smile or cry their hearts out depending on person’s perspective; we got something for almost everyone in the crowd. Our music has strong language without vocals which connects to the audience and leaving them with a sense of strong incite of emotions induced by our melodic patterns and stupendous stage presence. 
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