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Since their first release ‘Sahi Hai’ in December 2017, Akshay Rawat and Yash Chandra brought their monikers Frappe Ash and Yungsta together to form Full Power. Since Yungsta and Frappe Ash hail from two small towns (Gorakhpur & Roorkee ,respectively) they believe they stand out with their stories from other rappers from the hip hop scene. Hence, they seeked out to follow their passion for music and hip-hop.
Full Power believes in expression in its truest form. They enjoy blending their music with other genres like rock, jazz,electronic music etc., and challenging the extent to which they can experiment with hip hop which is their core sound that they find themselves constantly evolving with. Through Full Power, Frappe Ash and Yungsta narrate the stories from their daily lives and the stories from around them. They are constantly looking at the stories and experiences they come across everyday and bring them alive with the sounds and genres blended in with hip-hop. The duo promises you with nothing more than straight to the point honest musical journey through every piece of music they release. Full Power. To them, it’s 100% or nothing at all.
Their story began way back in 2009, when they both realised their mutual love for hip-hop and related to each other being single children from small towns. Later on, they both even went on to become Architects to support their dreams.
Since 2017, they've released multiple singles and albums independently as well as with labels such as Elements and Zee Music Company. Full Power believes that every next step for them is their biggest achievement. In 2018, they planned to make a mixtape which led to them creating ‘Showtime’, one of their most critically acclaimed works that put them both on the desi hip-hop radar in the country. Playing at Bira Fest and their first upcoming 8 city tour just highlights their hunger to keep growing.
2020 is a big year for the duo. Full Power are all set for their “The Full Power Drill” tour over February & March after which they will be ready to release their debut album. The duo has many other projects and collaborations in the works that they are excited to share with the country.
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