• Harpreet
Harpreet is from Kurukshetra in Haryana. He is fascinated by the languages of his country, India. The words, nuances, sounds, accents, dialects, phonetics and as he says, 'the smile' of every Indian laguage. So it is upon these, that he draws his inspiration and energy from. The languages of India, the poetry of India, that are a reflection of the ageless wisdom and awakening that we have inherited, are the lifeforce that pulsates through Harpreets music. It both informs and mesmerises the listener. It provokes thought and enables an enquiry into the realm of human existence. It touches the heart and opens it with its contemporary redention using musical instruments of our times and the beauty of the eternal message that is a gift from ancient cultures . Harpreet also composes his own songs and music and includes the writings of more contemporary poets. In a sense, Harpreets music is bridge, an offering to his generation, to walk the path to a deeper life, to perspectives that can be transformative. His work encompasses hindi, punjabi, urdu, bengali and rajashani.
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