• Kalpana Patowary
Kalpana Patowary is a multilingual Indian playback and folk singer from Assam. She is a disciple of Ustad Gulam Mustafa Khan and has been influenced by the bard of Brahmaputra Bhupen Hazarika. Her first language is Assamese but she sings in Bhojpuri, Hindi, Bengali and English & 30 other languages with around 15000 songs to her credit.
A graduate in English literature from Cotton College, Assam and Visharad in Indian Classical Music (vocal) under Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth, Lucknow in 1996, a regular artist Doordarshan Kendra, Guwahati, Assam as well as All India Radio Guwahati, Assam since 1992,Kalpana Patowary started publicly performing at the tender age of 4.Trained in Kamrupiya and Goalporiya Assamese folk music by her father Sri Bipin Patowary, an accomplished folk singer himself, Kalpana Patowary is also trained as Sangeet Visharad in Indian classical music from Bhatkhande Music Institute University, Lucknow under Sri Dipen Roy and Smt Sikha Dutta. Kalpana Patowary has a stunning five-octave range and signature vocal abilities, and has been hailed as a prodigy in the world of Bhojpuri film and traditional folk forms.She has mastered many forms of Bhojpuri folk music such as Purvi, Pachra, Kajri, Sohar, Vivaah geet, Chaita, and Nautanki. She has been credited with reviving and promoting Bhojpuri music all over the world on the international stage.
Today Kalpana Patowary is the most sought after artist and best selling female singer of Bhojpuri Cinema. She has made an indelible impact on the Bhojpuri music industry and audiences everywhere.Her contribution to Bhojpuri music, as well as her instrumental role bringing forth the girls and women from the remote villages out to chase their dreams in singing. She has served as a role model for active involvement for both the Bhojpuri traditional folk forms and Bhojpuri film music. She has transformed the Bhojpuri singing art from a small regional industry to the full-fledged high quality vocal art in the international front.
She is the first Bhojpuri singer to present an age old tradition of Bhojpuri Khadi Birha tradition in Mtv Coke Studio Season 4 with world renowned musicians. She was the featured artist in this season 4 MTV@CokeStudio presenting KHADI BIRHA (folk of the Ahirs) a song of the working man, reflecting the Migration content that evolved during the colonial period when a huge population of Bhojpuri people left Indian shores to work in sugarcane, cocoa, jute and other plantations in Caribbean countries, owned and run by Europeans fusing with African music.
Kalpana is the first woman to record and sing the Chhaprahiya Purvi style with her commendable high pitch vocal. No woman had ever dared to sing this particular Chhaprahiya style of Purvi folk music as it demands a high octave range.” Without compromising on the conventional and traditional value of Chhaprahiya Purvi, she has continued to add interesting innovations. Kalpana interprets the Chhaprahiya Purvi as per her own perception within the traditional framework. Until she set her foot on the scene, Purvi was a male preserve. Not only she has given a new vigor to Purvi, she has also enriched it with a word of fresh interpretation. In 2004, for the first time in Bhojpuri recording musical history, Devra Tudi Killi from album Pyar Ke Rog Bhayil released from T Series was an experimentation to record it in a Female voice as it needs High octave vocal range to render. Years later the song becomes a history itself.      
Her solo Bhojpuri musical documentation ‘The Legacy of Bhikhari Thakur” on the  Shakespeare of Bhojpuri Literature released on May 2012 in Mauritius by the Prime Minister Mr Anil Kumar BACHOO, g.o.s.k along with Minister of Arts & Culture - Mr. Mookhesswur CHOONEE from London based EMI-Virgin Records got her International acclaim. This album was nominated in Best Folk Album category in GIMA 2013(Global Indian Music Academy Awards)
Lately in 2014 she was on a 15 days tour for concerts in four Latin American countries presented by The Ministry of Cultural Affairs on the auspicious occasion of Indian Arrival Day, commemorating the arrival of Girmitias from the Indian subcontinent to  Caribbean and the island nation of Mauritius presenting songs on migration.
She had many opportunities to sing for Hindi films and has already played backed in more than 100 Hindi feature films. A few of them are Vidya Balans Begum Jaan, R.Rajkumar (Gandi Baat), Akrosh(Tere Ishq Se Meetha), Khatta Meetha(Aila Re Aila), Welcome(Ek Uncha Lamba Kad), No Problem (Shakira Bhi Se Zyada Tera Hille Lak Ni & Babe Di Kripa), De Dana Dan(Hotty Notty), Billu(Billu Bhayankar), Mirchh(Tikhi Tikhi Mirch - Folk version), Stumped(Ek Sapna- western version), Sandhya(Mohabbat Mohabbat) ,88 Antop hill, Antardwand, etc.
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