• KhullarG
Born in a small town Muzaffarnagar in UP, and coming from no background in music, a young self trained guitarist came to light while performing in college fest in Delhi in early 2014. In early 2017, Gaurav Khullar, aka KhullarG, was a part of India's first musical beatboxing group called Gaana Phaadu Gang (GPG). After being featured on Radio, The band gained a lot of popularity in 2018 when they were awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival for the best Live Band. After the band split, KhullarG realized his passion for the growing HIPHOP Scene in Mumbai and started his own Recording Studio and Music Production in Mumbai while working full time for Investment Banking firm. KhullarG later formed an Independent Music Label called Inmates Records with known Rapper Yeda-Anna and they are known to have one of the best sound in Mumbai Underground HipHop. Today, This Versatile KhullarG is a top notch Producer, Rapper and a Mixing Engineer in the Mumbai HipHop scene. Truly a one man Army.
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