• Mukhtiyar Ali

Mukhtiyar Aliis an extraordinary performer of Sufiana kalaam and Bhakti songs from the village of Pugal, in the western most part of the state of Rajasthan in India. He belongs to the Mirasi community, whose traditional occupation has been to sing, and has imbibed the tradition from his own father and elders. Today he is a highly versatile artist, collaborating with many contemporary musicians such as Vasundhara Das and Mathias Duplessy. He draws his music from a wide range of inspirations across Rajastan and Punjab in India, and Pakistan.


For the Kabir Project team however, Mukhtiyar ji remains the fiesty singer we met in Pugal, whose music blew our minds, and whose understanding of Kabir was honest, clear and from the heart!




Cel: 91-984131-06911

Email: mukhtiyarali81@gmail.com

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