• Nandan Borker Collective

Nandan Borker Collective (NBC) is the brainchild of a young, driven and passionate  composer, producer, songwriter, and keyboardist Nandan Borker, who puts all his heart and soul into his creations. The delicate thought process and the finesse in his execution is what sets him apart from others. The silver lining artist is a non-conformist, who chose to take the journey of a musician in a country where music is still considered a hobby more than a full-fledged profession. In his endeavour of doing his kind of music with an earnest approach, he stumbled upon the idea of bring together like minded musicians and found his band i.e. the Nandan Borker Collective in the year 2016.


If you are looking for a musical experience where the musicians, vocalists, composers, and even the audience form a whole, then NBC is the right pick for you. They’re an all time admirer of experimentation and love to break monotony. Their extraordinary music carries a perfect blend of thought & personal touch that delivers contemporary folk, indie-pop and semi-classical music genres, to name a few.

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