• Nitin Srivastav

Nitin is a music composer , lyricist, vocalist & performer based at Pantnagar.


KAL PARSON MEIN is his first Studio production, being written & composed by Nitin, Arranged by Jack Saha and Produced by Akshay Kr. Upadhyay and Tapanjyoti Dutta


Original Composition  - Nitin Srivastav

Lyrics & Vocals            - Nitin Srivastav

Arrangements              - Jack Saha

Produced by                 - Akshay Kr. Upadhyay,  Nitin Srivastav , Tapanjyoti Dutta

Acoustic Guitars          - Nitin Srivastav, Tapanjyoti Dutta

Bass                              - Jack Saha

Electric Guitar              - Baba

Piano                             - Akshay Kr. Upadhyay

Violin                             - Younus Ji

Programming               - Akshay Kr. Upadhyay

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