Through the past seven decades, Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao has shaped and influenced the essential form and derivatives of culture known to the world as indian. Panditji’s creative works in the realms of dance, orchestral composition and film music are recognized for an energizing originality that is often perceived to extend the boundaries of the artistic idiom. His compositions in dance and music have set trends, recognized worldwide with awards, and permeated musical expression in cultural media such as film, ballet and musical recordings. Critics and connoisseurs of his expression in Asia, Europe and America have responded with meaningful praise. To note a few- 


"No substitute for his flute...the complete master" - The Hindustan Times


“A volcano of creative expression" - The Indian Express


“His flute is an unending fountain of myriad melodies, always fresh, always original...” - The Patriot


"Creator of beautiful, wide and ethereal canvasses..." - The Deccan Herald


"20th Century Renaissance Genius.." - The Cleveland Plain Dealer


"Intensely romantic...lyrical...extremely serene..." - Rave Magazine


“Innovator in the world of music.. a versatile genius.,” -The JS Magazine


“Seeker of truth through music. One of the greatest flautists of this world” - The Times of India


“Reflective music, refreshing and genuinely haunting” - The New York Times


“Awe inspiring. Freshness and finesse in every note. Marked by gay abandon, innovativeness and imaginative vitality” - The Statesman


“Suave tonicity, lyricism, rich melodic beauty” - The Listening Post

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