• Pelican Shuffles

  "rock n roll trio with crazy energy."

   Pelican Shuffles

  The revamped version of Pelican Shuffles, started this year in April 2017 with the Beer Republic jam, their crazy live energy soon became a craze and they played gigs all over Kolkata: Monkey Bar,  Irish house, Lindsay Hotel, Doodle Room, Vault, Taj Bengal, Phoenix, Marriot Hotel, One Bottle Down, Whatsupcafe, Terminal 11, Xrong Place they have a blend of originals and covers, their covers range from 

Beatles to Coldplay and U2 to RHCP.

   The Band has also collaborated with Friday Night Originals for their original video "Break your stance"
and have done a live online gig with playtoome.com

  The Band has also collaborated with Jamsteady for their original video "Walk the Line feat Rohan Ganguli (Supersonics)" 


Genre- Rock,Punk, Alternative

Guitar and Vocals- Varun Gujadhur 
Bass- Subhomoy Mitra
Drums and Percussions- Sougata Hari

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