• Pilgrim's Lyre

Pilgrim  (ˈpɪlɡrɪm): a traveler or wanderer, especially in a foreign place

Lyre (līr): a stringed musical instrument


Somewhere in a world of computers and the frantic pace of our lives, we've forgotten about the idyllic and the pastoral. Nature has on many occasions beckoned us to sit underneath her bosom and drink from her nectar of bliss. However the endless ordeal of the rat-race of reaching to the top has alienated us from our true nature, making us an automaton to the economic machine of consumption. Our glorification of man's achievements has trapped us in a delusion of self-deifying grandeur, thus, taking away from us our natural gift of awe and wonder.



Taking inspiration from the poetic works of William Blake and Percy Shelley, Pilgrim's Lyre attempts to paint a sonic picture of the idyllic and pastoral. It is our hope that through these musical vignettes, you may come to a place of 'letting go' and into an awareness of 'being'. 


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