• Polar Lights

Polar lights came together in the month March under the scorching heat of Dimapur’s summer in 2013. Pretty soon, laid back jam sessions turned to serious songwriting episodes. A decision was soon made to pursue with an endeavor to create music and hopefully put some smiles in people’s faces. 
What followed were intense songwriting and recording sessions, striving to churn out tones that would not fade away.

Whether it be Indie, Progressive, experimental, heavy metal or just good old hard rock; the band members have been influenced from all musical styling. Willing to experiment with various forms of music, the band hopes to stand out, but in a good way. 

Mar Jamir provides the voice for the band while his brother Temjen Jamir takes charge of the guitar. Temjen is also the man behind the console when it comes to recording the band’s music.

The band plans to bring out their diverse influences throughout, to all taverns and towns, far and wide. So get off that couch and accept the call to be a part of our own little musical adventure. There’s plenty of room for everyone!

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