• Quarter Past 1

A dimly lit "Terrace" room and a dozen scattered yet hazily magnified thoughts manifested into a "chanced" upon C chord and the lazy yet gentle caressing tip toe down of the right hand. Thats how QP1 happened :)


Quarter Past 1 or "QP1" as we like to call it if you're trying to save a breath was the brain child of a "What-if" situation which led to a "Let's-see-how-we-can-work-this-song" jam session and eventually into what it is now. The name came from the timing around which we wrote our first song (we try and make it a point to only write at THAT hour now) together in a room with nothing but an iPad ,a paper and pen and 2 guitars.That jam session eventually snowballed into studio sessions and laying down demos and tracks for good. And pretty much everything that we've been through in our past few years is on the EP "We Don't Know". It seemed very apt a title considering we didn't know what was to happen with these songs and our lives. But not everything of our lives are recorded in these songs. There's a lot more to tell.Till then, enjoy.




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