• Vipin Tatad
Raptoli is one of the highly regarded groups of Rapper from Amravati, a town situated in backward region-Vidarbha of Maharashtra state.
Formed by its lead rapper Vipin Tatad (VIP) in 2015
together with Gaurav Ingole (Charlie), Mangesh Ingole (Vardaan)
and later joined by Tauseef Khan (TMK),
Raptoli produces and performs valiant raps on intimate social,
cultural and political issues that continue to hobble Indian society in 21st century.
Their socially and politically charged lyricism and social commentary in their raps opens up our eyes to burning questions like caste oppression and violence,
entrenched gender prejudice, rapes and perpetual deprivation of working poor.
One of their greatest hit ‘Meri Gali Ki Samasya’ in 2018 received widespread acclaim and praise from all quarters. 
Having been brought up in impoverished settlements, Raptoli brings authentic lived experiences on the screen and draw attention towards the urgency of contemporary socio-economic questions. Their performances across India and particularly prominent higher education institutions like JNU, TISS is widely enjoyed and received critical appreciation. Raptoli firmly believe in music as a medium of bringing social transformation and finds its audiences who share the vision of casteless, classless and all kinds of violence free society.
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