• Suhit Abhyankar

Suhit is a music composer,singer and music producer working in various fields. He has Composed a music for 8 Marathi Films 3 web series and many brand jingles.


He has strong passion for music and Knowledge of the latest sound engineering techniques and use of computers for programming music . He has Ability to interpret and visualize the requirements of the story and Skilled in adorning lyrics with the right kind of music. Excellent music direction skill and comfortable in interacting with musicians,vocalists, and lyricists Skilled in directing and scoring all types of music genres.Knowledge of the music programming, arranging and process of mixing - mastering.Excellent knowledge of music production softwares like cubase Pro 8, logic.Studied Indian Folk Music (Rhythm Patterns, Cultural and traditional music)Knowledge of Chords,Guitar,Piano.Studied Indian Traditional Musical Forms:- Bhajan,Bharud,Kirtan,Bhavgeet,Bhaktigeet,Sugam Sangeet .

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