• Suspended Second

Suspended Second (Sus2 in short), the brainchild of two Kolkata based schoolmates, describes its music as a confluence of all the different genres the duo have grown up listening to, and deeply admire. Having had a healthy helping of music from all over the world and from different decades, apart from Kolkata having its own culturally rich heritage, the band’s musical sensibilities have been shaped in a very unique manner.


Although Sus2 was officially started in the first month of 2018, the friends have had the opportunity of jamming together infrequently over the last decade, starting as long back as 2009. These jam sessions included covers of popular songs from both local and international scenes, with a bonus session of improvised live music. These improvised sessions helped the duo to create a niche area for themselves; a journey of figuring out their chemistry as original musicians.


A doctor (Dr. Shubham Pratihar) and an engineer (Vinayak Ghosh), with a common passion for music, constitute Suspended Second. They strive to produce music that has thought provoking lyrics, set against a backdrop of musical experimentations inspired from diverse genres.

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