• Swastik The Band

Swastik The Band is a Chandigarh-based Rock Band that has taken influence from Indian Classical and alternative Rock to create new landscapes. The band was founded by the lead guitar player/songwriter Rohit Joshi. The band initially got the breakthrough by the song 'Kuch Bhi Kar' which stayed in the Top charts on MTV Indies. Another single 'Jogi', featuring a new lineup crossed over a million views on YouTube.


Current members of the band are: 


Rohit Joshi - Lead Guitars/Songwriter 

Hardeep Singh - Classical Vocals 

Vipul Chopda - Lead Vocals/Front man 

Mohit Nainar - Drums

Rahul Bhatt - Percussions

Bharat - Flute

Avneesh Sharma - Bass Guitar

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