These bunch of regular day-jobbers call themselves Twist To Break Seal. Like those awesome instructions written on bottles, they want you to let go of the nonsense that you've been bogged down with, loosen up a little and hell yeah, Twist and Break your Seal. Do whatever you want to... make your own music... throw a party.
The band members are in varied day jobs that range from advertising to computer programming, wallpaper dealing to sound engineering and if that wasn't enough they even have writers and composers that come together to form the awsomeness that is Twist To Break Seal.
On our choice of a band name:
A common recreation post-work is drinking. That’s how the name originated. We all were holding bottles of beer and contemplating about what we should name the band that we just formed. And then it struck: Twist To Break Seal. Basic instructions written on most bottles that help open up its contents.
On our origins:
The band originated in 2012 where Austin and Pratyush were in the creative and servicing department respectively. They started jamming with Warren, Aaron on the tunes that Austin had composed. Most of those first compositions have been modified with time.  Sagar, is the latest addition, since 2 yrs.
On our compositions:
Our songs start with riffs coupled with strong melodies and come with a catchy chorus. Every song has an overarching story to tell. Once the rough construct is in place, the band gets together and connects the musical dots. Parts are changed till everyone feels the song is working as a complete entity. 
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