• The Engineers

With members coming from different states of the country with individual rock, Bollywood and classic rock taste. We have come up with songs like Upbeat, Heart breaking tunes, society, Love and Family. Come join us in the journey of life where we get Love and lose our beloved, where anger speaks with rage, where love for family is eternal and where the shattered heart breaks make no noise. Come Let's Share A Life!!


Gaurav Parida

Vocals/ Acoustic Guitar


Conquering the stage since early childhood, Gaurav was destined to be the Voice of The Engineers. Connecting the crowd with his melodious and energetic voice.


Ayush Rastogi


Need is what pushes everyone to be what they are and Ayush has became one. Supporting the backbone with the groove and make everyone dance.


Shafi Andy


Music is what has driven him since childhood and became the power house of the band. Leaving everything, has taken the path to musical journey of Life!!!

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