• The Rapid

A four piece band formed in Mumbai (India) in the year 2015, The Rapid was conceptualized with the purpose of writing and performing original music that is honest and free of inhibition.

Drawing from varied influences and diverse musical backgrounds, each one of it’s four members, namely Sarthak Swami (vocals), Siddhanth Natarajan (guitars), Hansel Dias (bass) and David Dsouza (drums) brings something unique to the table.

Aiming to deliver a high energy experience to it’s listeners, The Rapid is a band that thrives on live performances and their brand of new age rock with a refined sound suits this goal perfectly. They aim to translate this experience to an individual listening environment with their upcoming EP, titled Stormy Weather.

The band has performed at venues such as The Stables, BandCamp, Verbena, High Street Phoenix etc. while the four band members are professional gigging musicians themselves, having performed individually across the country at Hard Rock Cafes, Blue Frog, The Mahindra Blues Fest, Vogue Fashion Shows, Lakme Fashion Week celebrations and many more as well as internationally in countries like Dubai, Thailand and Mauritius to name a few.

Their debut EP Stormy Weather, consisting of 5 tracks, will release in the first quarter of 2018.

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