• Vian Fernandes
Vian Fernandes is the star who is currently the bassist and also the rapper and energy powerhouse of Thaikkuddam Bridge. 
‘Alive’ is the second album of his solo project 'VF- Official' after the very successful first album ‘Pahadi’. 
He has taken Mumbai University to a four-year straight gold in western group singing at the Zonal, State, and National level. His interests always lay in the foundations of instruments and have played the bass for the band 'Infernal Wrath' which won the Rolling Stones best metal band award in India in the year 2010/2011. He has shared the stage with most of the known and noted bands like Infernal Wrath, Cosmic Infusion and also many more of the contemporary fusion bands, having played on big stages like Independence Rock, Bacardi nh7, Rock Ethos and so on. He was also a part of the famous band Nirmitee, which was featured amongst the top 4 bands in the reality show, X factor India. He has performed all over India, the US, and the UK along with Nirmitee as a singer. He is currently touring all over the world, with 300 shows down the line as the bassist and rapper of Thaikkudam Bridge.
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