• Vishal Wakchaure
Music came to me very unexpectedly at quite strange time of my life and it stayed there.
The liberty I was getting in music was driving me crazy in my puberty. I could do anything I want. It is so expressive that being introvert it became my mouthpiece.
Learning music was as exciting to me as a toddler taking new steps for first time. Being started as an aspirant singer, It never quenched my thirst for more and i slowly crawled into music composing.
Music composing exposed me to the whole new world of music very unknown to me. Music Production/Arrangement/Programming.
Started on a small MIDI sequencer, I later learned FL Studio, Pro Tools etc. and started producing music. Poems come to me very naturally. So lyrics weren’t so hard for me to write.In the process I learned playing piano, and basically all black-white keyed instruments.
Join me on this ongoing journey, Support me by sharing my work to your near ones.
Hope to convey you through my music.
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