• Karkidakam
Saurabh Chandrasekhar – the man behind Karkidakam – is inspired by nature, specifically the monsoon. So much so, that he took up the name Karkidakam that is the Malayalam month of rains and spirituality, both of which are defining characters of Saurabh himself as an individual.
While he began DJing in 2009 to pursue his passion for music, it was his fervour for experimenting and innovating that got him interested in electronic music production. Under the banner 'Groove Engine', he released several progressive house tracks which are a dichotomous blend of soul and upbeat music. His thirst to explore and spread the music led him to host a show in Chennai Live 104.8 FM titled Beat Factory. The show was a defining platform through which he played his sets as well as those of guest artists such as Tanseer and Praveen Acharya.
In 2015, he was selected to be a part of the distinguished Indie Earth Music Festival and shared the stage with revered German artistes Justus Koncke and Cee for an electronic music collab project, 'Sound Lab'.
Saurabh also has a few awards and recognition under his belt. He was the winner of Channel V Nokia India Fest 2012 for Turning Tables (DJ Contest), reached the finals of Future Shock War of DJs Talent Hunt Competition (hosted by Big Daddy) and was also the official DJ for Derby Jeans Community.
He was a part of Grama Sutra, a collaborative effort that had folk singer Anthony Dassan, the lyricist GKB and musician Shiva on board. The band aimed to recreate and redefine Tamil folk music by fusing it with electronic music elements. The first track 'Karupatti Singari' that was launched by YouTube's famed Put Chutney group, crossed over 9 lakh views, and also gained instant recognition from the Tamil music industry. He has also performed with fellow artiste and electronic music enthusiast Abhishek Menon under the banner Groove & Fluid for MTS Rising's live shows in Anna University and SSN College.
With Karkidakam, Saurabh’s constant desire is to take every listener on an emotional journey that will invoke their soul, making magic out of music.
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