• Abhishek Prasad
Story of the man who played guitar during his brain surgery
Everyone has a story in life and so do I - this song is my attempt to explain the ups and downs and the journey of my life.  In the year 2012 I realized my passion for music and especially the love for guitar after watching a friend playing it effortlessly. I started practicing for hours with an aim to become a professional guitarist. 
For the next 3.5 years I kept practicing hard trying to balance a corporate job and music till I found my guru Mr. Bruce Lee Mani. After a few months of training and learning with him I was clear about the path I had to choose in life. I decided to give up my 9-6 job and focus on music.
As I was making progress, destiny struck me hard in October 2015 just before my last day at work. I started experiencing stiffness in my left hand fingers that took me to different doctors and hospitals but all in vain. After 10 months of suffering I got the correct diagnosis for my condition. I had a rare neurological disorder called Focal Dystonia which developed in my brain and impacted my finger movements, making it very difficult for me to play guitar as I could barely move my fingers.
Finally, in December 2016, I came to know about a brain surgery which can cure this disorder. It took me 6 months to find the right surgeon who could perform this surgery. Finally, on 11th July this complex brain surgery was conducted where I played guitar during the procedure. After 20 months of suffering I got my fingers back to normal. All this while, my love for music and the guitar kept me giving strength to fight the odds. 
This story will be incomplete If I don’t extend my gratitude towards my family, friends and Dr. Sharan Srinivasan (my surgeon) for their unconditional support during this tough time.
In the end I would like to say that:
No matter how difficult the situation is, if one has conviction and believes in oneself then sooner or later the time changes and it has been proved in my case.
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