• Achint
Achint Thakkar's music could be described as a hybrid of sorts, heavily influenced by the culture of the Indian subcontinent and western aesthetics of composition and production. You can expect to hear glimpses of sounds from different parts of the world including Brazil, China, Africa, Turkey etc. coupled with electronic arrangements.
Thakkar’s passion for experimentation subsequently led him to compose music for films. His original score for Omar Iyer’s Mon Ami Noire won him Best Music at the Profire Film Festival 2012, Scotland.
Current influences include are A.R.Rahman, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson, Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Deep Forest, Talvin Singh, Radiohead, Karsh Kale & Kanye West.
His tracks Komal and Impression have been released on 2 separate compilations by Epiphyte Records, San Francisco after winning first place at a competition held by the label. A video for 'Komal' is also in the works.
Thakkar was also part of 3 piece Mumbai band Rosemary, where he was the singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer. Rosemary's sound could be described as progressive rock. The band toured all over the country and also opened for the British progressive band, Porcupine Tree.
Rosemary released their debut album 'A Legacy of Ruined Days' in 2011. The album was published by NH7.in exclusively on their website and was well received by audiences throughout the country.
In their short yet notable career, they won the following awards:
1) Jack Daniel's Rock Awards - Best Emerging Band (2008)
2) TOTO Funds The Arts Award(2010)
3) Mood Indigo (2009)
4) BITS Pilani (2008)
5) Strawberry Fields (2008)
Since Rosemary's disbanding in 2011, Thakkar pursued a course in music production at Pyramind in San Francisco, California. While at Pyramind, he learnt the finer aspects of music production techniques and composition whilst still continuing to write music for short films and ad jingles.

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