• Adil & Vasundhara


Rapidly rising in the independent music scene 'Adil & Vasundhara' have been part of the wave that brought back Jazz, Funk, Blues, Soul and Jazz Fusion into the indian audience's playlist.
Receiving national and international radio play from many mainstream and exclusive independent platforms, the music of Adil & Vasundhara has broken the general bounds of underground independent music and has now garnered significant support within a growing popular sub-culture.
Traveling extensively, they have performed and collaborated with musicians around India, Turkey, France, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Argentina, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, the Reunion Island, USA and counting
Their sound has been showcased in every major music festival in the country and on the award winning documentary series, The Dewarists on Star World
Pic Credit: Shiv Ahuja
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