• A Dog Without A Bone
Playing open chorded indie tunes, with his sometimes heavy, husky, passionate vocals and story like lyrics, A Dog Without a Bone is the stage name of Indian singer-songwriter Nihar Manwatkar. Having travelled many parts of the world since his birth in 1984, Nihar’s songs are simple, honest and capture glimpses of beautiful souls and their stores that he’s encountered all through his life. A Dog Without a Bone started performing and experimenting with some of his songs late 2014 and since then has performed numerous local gigs across India. Influenced majorly by Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, John Mayer, Chris Cornell, Leon Bridges, The Nationals, Jose Gonzales, Ben Howard, Leonard Cohen, Sixto Rodriguez, Elliot Smith and Nick Drake to name a few, most of his songs cover stories from people he’s encountered to experiences he’s had.
Email: niihar@gmail.com
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