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Agam’s musical journey started in 2006, in an apartment studio where Harish and Ganesh, whose friendship dates back to early college days, started experimenting with various compositions of music under the name ‘Studio F6’. In 2007, Agam was born. The current lineup features Harish on the vocals, Praveen on the lead guitars, Jagadish on the Rhythm guitars, Vignesh on the bass guitar, Ganesh on the drums, Swamy on the keyboards and Sivakumar on the ethnic percussions. 
Agam's first real success was winning a music reality show on television by legendary musician A R Rahman. They played with the idea of transforming the traditionally-rooted music form, Carnatic, into something more contemporary, which eventually gave rise to a brand new genre -- Carnatic Progressive Rock. This time their music appealed to both the conservative carnatic lovers and the head banging crowds. They went on to play live at various clubs, colleges and music fests across the country. They composed the song ‘Live Again’, that featured multiple award winning Indian musician Shreya Ghoshal, for breast cancer awareness in the country. The response they got from our fans and the media was phenomenal. Among the various accolades that Agam won through these years, the most stellar one came in the form of Coke Studio @ MTV in the multi producer episode
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