Hi AJNK here,

With the real name as Ajinkya Based in Pune.

One of my friend ate up letters while saving my contact and I was impressed with the result as contact name "AJNK".

AJNK is currently just starting out in Hindi music scene.


With the wide influences from AVICII, Deadmau5, SHM to AR Rahman, ilayaraja.


I have released an EP called Leotard which was supported by World class 

DJ Marco V.


I experiment with the genres and try to find more and more ways to put up music which connects with masses.


So I am always moved with experiences where misconnection and Situation where emotions get intense.


But I am experimenting more and more on relationship other than just Love with the girl or boy thing if you know what i mean.

Musically I don't wish to limit myself with specific genre or sound as I am now blended with love for synths and indian values as well.

But I am more keen to convey emotions through music so I tend to improvise.



Bin Tere

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