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This is a second new 10-track album by Deepak Peace, this time accompanied by collaborating musicians.
'1947 se AK-47 tak" makes an inward journey understanding how politics enters our personal lives and connects us back to the politics of the world at large.  A journey that starts from Indo-Pak conflict tragedies and moves through media hypocrisy, patriarchy, environmental crisis, rise in intolerance, woven together with love, longing & hope. The musical landscape hence is also different from the last album pushing the dreaminess of the poetry.
You can contact the artist at: deepakpeacemusic@gmail.com
about the band
Deepak Peace, singer-songwriter from Pune. With his guitar, harmonica & his folk band to accompany, he sings satire. 
His debut album 'Aaj Ke Naam' (released in Feb 2017) received rave reviews from RockStreet Journal, Rolling Stone Ind...

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