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Dilpreet's friends at college will know what is it all about. 22 No Faatak -An awesome place it was. 22 No. Faatak was a railway crossing (now it is below a flyover) in Patiala. This is the city where he did his engineering from and spent the most amazing years of his life. It gave him friendships that will remain a part of his life forever, it made him believe in himself and gave him courage to run after his dreams, it made him the person that he is today, thats why this album is named 22 No. Faatak. And when the recording of my debut album was complete, Dilpreet and Deb(director of “Ae geet” music video) were thinking of a title for this album and they wanted something that shaped Dilpreet as a person, something that had a huge influence on him, his songs, his music. Thapar and “22 No. Fatak” was what came to his mind!! There is a long long very long story behind this entire album. Each song has a story of its own; how it became that song that you hear now and how it all reached at this point, and some 4 years ago even Dilpreet didnt know that he would be able to do it, but somehow it all came together. Trying again and again, spending 2-3 months just making one song, learning how to achieve those little nasty things Rahman does in his songs, playing sticks on pillows to get that bass beat, trying and experimenting with his guitars, where they will sound the best, where should he keep that mic, trying all stupid things he can, and its all been done in this album and he is proud that he did…So here it is…
about the band

Dilpreet Bhatia is based out of Mumbai where he has his home studio where he produces, mixes and experiments with all kind of sounds, from Punjabi/Hindi Rock ‘n’ Roll to acoustic ballads to folk rock melodies. He has also done a few collaborations with Indian and International m...

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