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A Pennyworth of Wishes is an Everyday Song; Everybody's song. It's a song about the retreat to our untamed selves for a moment of respite in an ever-accelerating World.
Credits :
Arranged and Produced by Kaivalyaa
Lyrics and Music by Pathikrit Mazumder
Performed by Kaivalyaa :
Anuja Majumdar : Voice
Pathikrit Mazumder : Voice; Bass Guitar; Programming
Sandip Bakshi : Piano; Keyboards
Featuring :
Bodhisattwa Ghosh : Guitar
Surojato Roy : Tabla and Percussion
We would like to thank our parents and family for their faith in us, our friends, well wishers and fans for supporting us through thick and thin. We would like to specially mention :
Amitabha Sengupta for Photography and Artwork
Moupiya Ghosh and Debanjana Dutta Roy for their enthusiastic cooperation during the extensive photo shoot sessions under harsh conditions
Our little friend Soham Bhattacharyya for flying a kite for the first time with us
Anish Saha for helping us with the logo
about the band

KAIVALYAA is Moksh or liberation.... journey towards a musical one. They started around 2008 winning small competitions .. then bigger ones till they finally landed on MTV Rock On Season II 2011. They finished Runners Up and in the process grabbed the attention of the country!
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