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Composition: Traditional
Re-arranged by Deepa Nair
Lyrics: Traditional
Vocals: Deepa Nair
Guitar arrangement: Sanjoy Das (Bapi)
Piano arrangement: Harshwardhan Dixit
Drums, Bass, Synth: KJ Singh
Recorded at InTheMix, Mumbai.
Recording Engineer: KJ Singh
Assistant Engineer: Daniel Raju
Vocals Recorded by: Charlie Francis, Stwdio Pen-Ty, Cardiff
Mixed & Mastered by: KJ Singh, Studio A6TG, Mumbai 
Produced by: KJ Singh & Deepa Nair
Rajan Chaturvedi of Theme Music, for the Kawai MP6 Digital Piano
Nimrita Rasiya for her helpful insights
Sawhney family - Punam, Sahiba and Teji for the support during the project
Avtar Dhanjal, Durueli Photography, Leicester, East Midlands
Hartej Sawhney for the artwork
This single is released by Asli Music, the music label headed by KJ Singh, as Big Chief – that’s what it says on his visiting card. KJ is a music producer, having produced artists like Rabbi Shergill (Bulla Ki Jana, Delhi Heights), Indian Ocean (Kandisa, Black Friday), Ik Onkaar by Harshdeep Kaur and has worked with many artists and bands in making their first demo’s like Euphoria, and Parikrama and worked on albums by Hariharan, KK and Rekha Bhardwaj, 
Asli, in hindi means original, pure. And that, in essence, is what drives the music label. 
about the band
A singer and songwriter, born in London, Deepa Nair Rasiya’s South Indian heritage took her musical journey, initially, to the orthodox Carnatic traditions of Indian vocal training (at the age of 5). In her teenage years, she explored the field of Western classical music, studying m...

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