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The Vipin Mishra Project is an alternative rock album in Hindi, that was written and recorded over a year and a half. It reflects on the events and scenarios that are part of our daily urban lives. From dealing with terror and its aftermath, to little joys, from crowded thoughts to lonely souls, from corruption to glimpses of purity...its all there... in our lives..in our cities.. and thats what the artist has tried to capture. The sound of “Aaj Kal” is live and organic... and tries to bind the eight songs on the album into a continuous experience. This is Vipin Mishra’s journey from covering and performing blues rock to finding himself in his music. No script, no market analysis, no creative restrictions... this is music breaking free.

about the band

Vipin Mishra is a National Award winning music composer based out of Mumbai. INDIA. Vipin's music journey started at Delhi University as guitar player for one of New Delhi's hottest blues rock band ‘Parikrama’. (1995 A.D) Six years, many cities, a few guitars and more th...

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