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Souvik 'Savvy' Gupta- Vocals, Keyboards

 Rajarshi Barman- Vocals, Backing Guitars
 Bodhisattwa Ghosh- Lead Guitars
 Prasenjit 'Pom' Chakrabutty- Bass
 Rahul Mehra- PR & Management
Written, composed, arranged, performed and produced by Insomnia.
Guitars, Vocals, Bass and Keyboards recorded in the Artists' respective houses/studios.
Drums programmed by John Paul at John Paul Studio, Kolkata, India.
Mixed and Mastered by Prasenjit 'Pom' Chakrabutty at Funky Faders, Kolkata, India.
Music published and distributed by OKListen!, India
Special thanks to John Paul.
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about the band

The kolkata based rock band INSOMNIA's first album was self produced, called the cry of the spirit r...

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