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First of its kind a tri-lingual Album of 10 reflective, inspiring tracks.
The album is inspired by several social efforts striving to realise the meaning of ‘aazadi’. Songs are written and composed by Loknaad team based on their field experiences with various communities and interactions with people’s campaigns and movements across the country. An emotional journey of reality around us.
Album Songs
1. Aazadi - Our freedom, our dreams.
2. Chaudah November - Heartrending question by starving children.
3. Kitthe Gaiyyan [Punjabi] - Child labourer searching her vacation.
4. Haathon Ko Kaam - Questions by idle hands.
5. Zero BHK Bungalow [Gujarati] - Story of homeless people through salt makers' home.
6. Baarish Ki Boondein - Dream for dignified ageing.
7. Janane Ka Haq - Questions to our democracy.
8. Sanjhi Virasat - Story of our shared, syncretic heritage.
9. Beta Jaldi Ghar Aana - Never ending hope of a mother living in a conflict zone.
10.Hum Log: We the People - Spirit of the preamble to our constitution
Concept - Charul Bharwada & Vinay Mahajan
Lyrics & Vocals - Vinay Mahajan & Charul Bharwada, Aazadi  initial lines & composition: Asim Giri
Compositions - Vinay Mahajan
Music Design & Guitar - Susmit Sen
Bass Guitar - Anirban Ghosh
Dafli - Vinay, Varun Gupta, T S Dharmesh
Tabla - Varun Gupta
Ghunghroo - Charul Bharwada
Mixing & Mastering - KJ Singh
Produced by - Loknaad Foundation
Made possible from the interest free loans, contributions and voluntary efforts of many friends of Loknaad like you and me who all cherish the dream of dignified India.
To know more, visit www.loknaad.in
about the band
Loknaad means people’s voice in most Indian languages. Some call it a progressive music band; for some others it is a cultural space trying to revive the waning sensitivity and dignity. Simple lyrics, stirring compositions and minimal instrumentation lend an earthy feel to Loknaad&#...

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