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After The Rains is a ‘minimal melody’ capturing the reverberations the lovers of rains feel post a beautiful pour. Curated by Saurabh Chandrasekhar – the man behind KARKIDAKAM – the track, like his other creations, is an ode to the monsoon season going in sync with the meaning of KARKIDAKAM, the Malayalam month of rains and spirituality. The melody of the track is not bound by a single bar and is a bit more elaborate, evoking a soulful and minimal vibe among the listeners. Released under the rising record label A2BVc2Z, itelicits a barrage of emotions and tries to reflect the state of mind where one finds a moment of connect, happiness and contentment, even in the hardest of times. 

about the band
Saurabh Chandrasekhar – the man behind Karkidakam – is inspired by nature, specifically the monsoon. So much so, that he took up the name Karkidakam that is the Malayalam month of rains and spirituality, both o...

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