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For a band that has only got more compelling with age, Sceptre decided to present their fans with another beast of an album entitled, 'Age of Calamity'- a humble offering especially to the women of this country who have been victims of rapes, molestations, acid attacks, female foeticides, murders and other heinous atrocities. Why would a metal band do that? After all, isn't ' Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll' the usual norm? Definitely not for this band! There's clearly nothing derailing this juggernaut !!!

about the band
The year is 2014. One of the most respected metal band of India play their comeback gig at Thrash fest in Thane on 9th Feb 2014 and all hell breaks loose as if they never went on a hiatus. Raise your fists for 'Sceptre', who have weathered every storm that has come their way and a...

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