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Vasuda Sharma and Aleksandra Denda -vocals, music, lyrics and arrangement; 
Yousif Yaseen -guitar; Aman Mahajan- keys and synth bass; Moez Dawad - percussion and beats; Jan Kus - soprano saxophone
Mixed by Giosuè Greco 
Mastered by Vladan Popović    
Produced by Vasuda Sharma and Aleksandra Denda
Recorded in New Delhi & Bombay (India) and Boston & New York (USA)
This  song is a collaboration of two international, eclectic singer-songwriters - Vasuda Sharma from India and Aleksandra Denda from Serbia.  
The two met while studying at Berklee College of Music (USA), and after sharing a lot of musical moments together in Boston, reconnected in Bombay when Aleksandra came to India to teach as an Artist in Residence at the Global Music Institute. 
The co-writing collaboration happened swiftly and spontaneously.
After the first draft of the song was done, Aleksandra and Vasuda called their Berklee Alumni friends from across the globe (Yousif Youseen from Kuwait, Giosue Greco- Italy and Moez Dawad - Egypt, Aman Mahajan- India) and slovenian saxophonist Jan Kus from New York City; to join forces in completing the blueprint of their dream.  
In today's world we often find ourselves confined and torn between the memories of the past and the anticipation of the future. 
Already Here challenges the popular notion that feeling alive and fulfilled lies somewhere in the far-off moment, but suggests that every inch of time is a unique gem and therefore the fulfillment of everything. 
Already Here skillfully defies labeling, blending various musical influences-including pop, R&B, arabic rhythms and oriental vocal inflections into an exotic and inviting musical piece.
about the band
Vasuda is a singer-songwriter,originally from New Delhi. Her music is a nice blend of Indian classical and folk with western contemporary music.She started her musical journey after being selected by channel v in 2003 and becoming a part of ‘Aasma’ ,a mixed indian pop band wit...

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