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This album project is one very close to my heart as it has been a while since i produced a new album. It has been a time in which to learn and grow tremendously as a human being and a producer, and that is reflected in this present musical venture of mine – “Always Here”. It is truly a global musical citizenship initiative – sounds of the world working in harmony. My thanks to all the wonderful people and musicians who i have worked with and learned from in all the years that i have been a musician. The fusion of the musicial styles of indian, latin, african and jazz/blues, in a seamless and comfortable manner has been the goal that i was trying to achieve in this project. Hope you folks enjoy listening to it !!
Dhanashree Pandit Rai - vocals
Sanjay Divecha - guitar
Ashwin Srinivasan - flute
Manas Kumar - voilin
Storms - bass & voice
Pramod Nair - mridangam, kanjeera, ghatam, dholak
Udo Demandt - percussion
about the band


Storms has worked as bassist, singer and producer. Also as composer and producer/engineer for TV, Radio and Film projects.
Collaborated with and recorded as session musician with Talvin Singh, Point Records, The Master Musicians of Ja...

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