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Ambient Hamlet is an experimental ambient album inspired by the sounds of nature that fuses ambient and easy listening sensibilities to deliver a sound that is both ignorable and interesting at the same time.Inspired by generations of artists in the Ambient Genre, Ambient Hamlet is an attempt to redefine ambient music for contemporary listeners while holding its roots firmly around the thesis of what ambient music stands for.

Many thanks to Vivek Santhosh and Sanjeev T for being my mentors and educating me on the nuances on music.

Many thanks to Sridhar Varadarajan and Studio 304 for the audio mastering

Much gratitude to my family and friends for supporting me through this.

about the band

Eashwar Subramanian is an amateur musician, who rediscovered his passion for music 23 years after he first began learning carnatic classical music. While he works as a market intelligence professional by day, he moonlights as a composer for short films and pla...

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